EnderBot's Privacy Policy

Date of effect/Last modified: August 20, 2023


EnderBot is an application ("bot") made for the Discord platform.
The list of services concerned by this Privacy Policy are the following:

  • - Discord bot "EnderBot#3161"
  • - Websites "ender.gg" and "enderbot.com"

The term "EnderBot" in the following Policy means the Service provided as a whole.


Usage of the Service provided by EnderBot implies consent to this Privacy Policy.

Data collection

User data collection

To provide it's service, during it's operation, EnderBot may collect the following information about you, for each data point, an example of usage is provided:

  • - Discord user ID (To identify you when you're using EnderBot)
  • - Discord username (To create leaderboards)
  • - Discord profile picture (some commands generate images using your profile picture)
  • - IP address when using this website (to generate anonymized statistics)
  • - Logs of your interactions with the bot (for anonymized analytics & prevent fraud)

In some Discord servers and only after explicit opt-in by administrators of the said Discord server,
EnderBot may collect the content of your messages to provide various services to the administrators of the previously mentioned Discord server. (For example, the "Starboard" feature)

Server data collection

The following information may be collected about guilds (a "guild" is a "Discord server"):

  • - Discord guild ID, name, emojis, channel names, and guild icon (to show on the website's dashboard)
  • - Aggregated message statistics about server activity (to provide analytics to server administrators)

Data access

EnderBot's developer is the sole and only party having access to your data. No other party has been authorized nor will be in the foreseeable future. We are taking every reasonable step to ensure data protection.

Your rights & GDPR-compliance

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, Directive 2016/679 of the European Union, EnderBot grants, but not limited to, the following rights to all its users (including non-EU citizens):

  • - The right of access: you can request a copy of all the information we are holding about you and your Discord servers if you are owner/administrator.
  • - The right to erasure: you can request deletion of your data.

We will respond to any request within 14 days. See the after-mentioned section for submitting requests.

Data processing & Data deletion

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, EnderBot is divided into two subsystems:

  • - "Game System": EnderBot simulates a persistant game, allowing users to trade and interact in a global simulated virtual economy. Some logs are kept as players interact with each other in an attempt to prevent cheating and ensure the integrity of the Service. Since this game is global, the data collected in this subsystem is used across Discord servers.
  • - "Utility System": EnderBot provides various services for Discord Servers and some data may be collected and processed when server administrators enable some of the bot's features (e.g. "Starboard"). Data processed in this subsystem is confined to the Discord server where the feature is enabled.

Automatic deletion

When EnderBot is removed from a Discord server, all data concerning the "Utility System" (including every usage made of the messages content) will be automatically deleted within 30 days.

When a user quits a Discord server, their message data will be deleted from EnderBot database after 30 days.

Manual requests

In all circumstances, you can request a full or partial deletion of your data by contacting us. See the following section for contact information. We will honor all requests within 14 days.

Requests & Questions

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy or if you wish to submit a request concerning your data, you may do so by joining this Discord server and/or contacting @enderspirit on Discord.

Underage users

The use of this Service is not permitted for minors under the age of 13 or under the age of legal consent for their country. We do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information for these users and we will take all necessary action to delete the stored data if unauthorized use has been found.


This Service operates under the laws of France and the European Union.