EnderBot Premium

The best and only way to support EnderBot and get some cool perks!

Free version

$0 /month
  • Mana boost: +0%
  • Summon cooldown: 60 minutes
  • Claim cooldown: 20 minutes
  • Claim after expiration: 0 minute
  • One free summon per day: No
  • Move time: 1 hour
  • Shrine break cooldown: 24 hours
You already have it! :)

Tier I - Standard Premium

$5 /month
  • Mana boost: +50%
  • Summon cooldown: 50 minutes
  • Claim cooldown: 18 minutes
  • Claim after expiration: 20 minutes
  • One free summon per day: Yes
  • Move time: 50 minutes
  • Shrine break cooldown: 16 hours
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Tier II - Super Premium

$10 /month
  • Mana boost: +100%
  • Summon cooldown: 40 minutes
  • Claim cooldown: 17 minutes
  • Claim after expiration: 40 minutes
  • One free summon per day: Yes
  • Move time: 40 minutes
  • Shrine break cooldown: 12 hours
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Tier III - Hyper Premium

$15 /month
  • Mana boost: +150%
  • Summon cooldown: 30 minutes
  • Claim cooldown: 16 minutes
  • Claim after expiration: 1 hour
  • One free summon per day: Yes
  • Move time: 30 minutes
  • Shrine break cooldown: 8 hours
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my premium status

Use the `>premium` command (or `/ebpremium status`), it will display which premium type you are using and how many days you have remaining.

Can I change my premium tier between "Standard", "Super" and "Hyper"?"

Yes! You don't even need to change plan on Patreon or anything, you can convert your remaining days using commands directly.

To understand how EnderBot will convert your days, you just need to understand the following equation:
24 hours of Tier 1 = 12 hours of Tier 2 = 8 hours of Tier 3

If you wish to upgrade: (T1 to T2 or T2 to T3)
Use `>premium upgrade` (or `/ebpremium upgrade`)
For example, if you are in "Standard" and wish to upgrade to "Super", it will halve your remaining time. (if you had 90 days remaining, you will now have 45 days after the upgrade)
Upgrades can only be done if you have at least 7 days of Standard Premium Time on your account.

If you wish to downgrade: (T3 to T2 or T2 to T1)
Use `>premium downgrade` (or `/ebpremium downgrade`)
For example, if you are in "Super" and wish to downgrade to "Standard", it will double your remaining time. (if you had 20 days remaining, you will now have 40 days after the downgrade)
Note: To prevent some abuse, you can only make a downgrade every 7 days.

Tip: When using `>premium upgrade` or `>premium downgrade`, the bot will clearly state how many time you will have after the conversion and will ask for confirmation before proceeding.

Can I trade my extra premium time?

Yes! You can trade any amount of extra premium time you have.

For example: `>trade premium 7 @YourFriend`
This will transfer a week of Standard Premium Time to your friend.

NOTE: When trading, all quantities are expressed in Standard Premium Time, even if your account is on Super Mode or Hyper Mode.
So for example, if you have 20 days of Super Premium and execute the following command: `>trade premium 1 @YourFriend`,
you will only be deducted of 12 hours and will remain with 19 days and 12 hours. If you are in Hyper Mode, it will only deduct 8 hours from your balance. Similarly, if you recipient is in Standard Mode, it will add 24 hours to their counter. If they are in Super Mode, it will add 12 hours to their counter. If they are in Hyper Mode, it will add 8 hours to their counter.

Premium is the only resource in the game where you exchange time directly (time is money after all...).

Are there other things to buy with real money on the bot?

No, the premium system is the only way to support EnderBot and obtain in-game advantages, for fairness reasons with all players, there is no plan to sell items, cards, resources or any other in-game advantages beyond these premiums. I don't intend to sell lootboxes or some other stupid nonsense.

Will the advantages or pricing be modified in the future?

There won't by any major modification without prior notice. Ratios might be slightly modified when new features are added to the game for example. The pricing should remain at $5/mo, $10/mo and $15/mo for the foreseeable future. For fairness to all players and donators, there won't be any in-game advantages offered beyond $15/mo nor any major retroactive modification of the advantages, except maybe for cosmetic stuff.

Is this a Pay-To-Win?

Well, technically, a little bit, yes, but you can also think of it as buying the full EnderBot experience. Since advantages are capped at $15/month, you will never be crushed by someone else just because they spent way more than you. :)

All features of the game are still accessible to all players no matter what. This bot has been operating since 2017 and is only being updated month after month because of the bot's donators.

Do you offer refund?

Refunds are not offered in general, exceptions may be made in some circumstances at the developer's sole discretion.

Are there other ways to acquire a premium?

It is harder but yes:

  • The top 5 of voters each month are granted a month of premium each, the top 1 is granted 45 days.
  • You can acquire premiums by trading them with other players who have extras premiums, some of them may be willing to trade their extra premium time if you have some interesting cards for example.

Are there other perks?

Beyond the advantages already stated:

  • You can have a custom role on the official Discord server
  • A strengthened voice when suggesting and prioritizing new features for the bot

Which payment methods are supported?

Patreon is the standard way of doing it, if you wish to use an alternative payment method, you can DM me on Discord directly to see if I can accept it (see below).

Other question or problem?

Contact me on Discord, username: @enderspirit. In the vast majority of cases, I'll answer within 24 hours.

This project would be nothing without its players and donators, thank you for considering supporting EnderBot :)
-- EnderSpirit, developer of EnderBot