EnderBot's Shop

Support the developement of EnderBot by buying goodies

Premium subscriptions

Premium subscriptions are the most cost effective way of supporting the bot, they cost 5€ per month (or 5000 EnderGems)
The premium status grants :
- x2 XP (x3 XP if your level is below 90k) on all commands
- x3 on the commands >mine, >dig, >chop
- x2 on the commands >hr and >daily
- Donator role on the official Discord server (and a CustomRole if available)

EnderGems usage

Simply do the command >premium shop premium or >premium shop manapotion
5000 EnderGems = 30 days of Premium
1000 EnderGems = 3000 Mana Potions
More stuff may come in the future

Once you have bought your premium, do the command >premium activate to get your premium status
You can check your premium subscriptin status at any time with >premium

You can buy monthly packs of EnderGems on Patreon, note that EnderGems are tradable items ! :)

11K EnderGems


30K EnderGems


65K EnderGems


100K EnderGems


150K EnderGems


Beyond this shop, no additionnal in-game resources might be bought on the game, thank you for your support and thank you for playing EnderBot ! :)
NOTE : Rewards are not yet automated, simply DM @EnderSpirit#9999 on Discord to claim your rewards